Stimulated by the suggestions of my friends, I have started a Blog to document my strange and often humorous experiences while living in a city. On a deeper level, you’ll find my personal insight into the human experience based upon encounters with extraordinary (or simply amusing) people and events.

Genres that you will find in this Blog:

-News Satire
-Essays (argumentative and informative)

Please note that while all of my stories for the narratives are true, I exaggerate or elaborate on them. I also may seem quick to pass judgement on individuals who in fact are probably entirely different individuals than I have observed them to be, but you’ll have to hazard a walk in my shoes and see the world through my limited and sometimes crude interpretation.

Please note that all the news satire pieces are based on actual events and all pictures were taken by myself, but the people and stories I make up about the events are fictional. If you ever want to know the true story behind the pictures, just leave a comment and I’ll fill you in.

But stop reading this section, because you’ll learn more about me (if you don’t already) by browsing my content and commenting. I love comments.

And don’t forget to subscribe! Writing is a lot of work, and I definitely don’t do it because I like the look of font on a white background. Enjoy!


Questions? Comments? Grievances?

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